Chrome gripes

Posted by Thomas Wed, 23 Sep 2009 20:14:15 +0000

Chrome doesn’t:

  • Expose proxy settings through the ui (they’re set via environment variables). So if I want to change them, I have to go to the cli to set env vars, then restart chrome.
  • Display link urls in the status bar when I hover over links. Apparently it does this. Don’t know what I was smoking.
  • Let me middle click in the body of the page to load a new url (this is fixed upstream, but not in the versions I’m running).
  • Allow css ad blocking (
  • I have to add a trailing slash to the end of everything so it doesn’t try to do a web search for whatever I type.
  • Update: Doesn’t let you hit ‘/’ to start searching.
  • Update: When searching doesn’t let you hit enter when matching a link to go to that link.
  • Update: It seems to take its sweet time sometimes doing what appears to be a dns lookup on the proxy. TTLs anyone?
  • Update: Selected text isn’t automatically the desired search text when opening the search box.
  • Update: Can’t shift delete mistyped urls in the omnibox.
  • Update: Chrome automatically selects text when the omnibox gains focus, clobbering anything I had in my clipboard. Something similar happens with the find field, but it’s that whatever I had in the clipboard goes away completely.
  • Update: Can’t control click and drag to select multiple rows of a single column in an html table.
  • Update: When selecting space delimited text, pressing delete/backspace will actually delete more than is actually selected.
  • Update: Backspace no longer goes to the previous page.

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