Posted by Thomas Fri, 16 Jan 2009 23:59:54 +0000

I had an itch to play with sip, so I built a new xen host and installed asterisk. I think to myself, self, asterisk has been around for quite some time, and while everyone says its really hard to configure, surely by now, there are some very straightforward guides that should get me up and running, making my first call within minutes. Now 1 don’t call me Shirley, and 2, apparently not. A quickstart guide should be something like:

* apt-get install asterisk asterisk-sounds-extra
* configure a barebones config
* apt-get install linphone (or your sip client of choice) on your client
* make a call (when I call, who am I, who am I calling, what’s the format of the @ syntax, which server settings do I use?)

Since I did eventually figure it out, the answers to the above questions would be:
* apt-get install asterisk asterisk-sounds-extra (same as above — don’t know if you need the -sounds-extra package, but it probably won’t hurt)
* configure a barebones config debian sufficiently configures it
* apt-get install linphone (same as above)
* make a proof of concept call to sip:1000@asterisk (1000@ is the demo, which will talk to you and walk you through a demo; after the @ sign, you use the ip or dns name of your server — mine’s in dns as ‘asterisk’)

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