Posted by Thomas Fri, 04 Jul 2008 14:08:48 +0000

So I watched the first half of season one of Weeds over the past day or two. I must say I’m pretty disappointed. I just don’t really “get” the show. I think it’s because I don’t identify with Nancy. I think I love more than my fair share of deeply flawed characters (West Wing and Sports Night to mention two shows chocked full of them). But this one’s too far off the deep end for me. She lost her husband, but we seen no real emoted grief from her. I almost think she didn’t really love him nor misses him that much. Maybe you could argue that her life is so upside down at the moment that she doesn’t have time. But shouldn’t that exacerbate and expose those things she’s not dealing with? She constantly bemoans her life and how it’s so messed up, yet she does nothing to change it. Her friends are really bad ones. We haven’t seen or heard anything of her own family. I don’t understand why she thinks she has to continue down this path. She never even questions seriously what she’s doing. Why doesn’t she just get a real job? We don’t even get any rationalization why she continues to sell. Does she not have any marketable skills? Most of the other deeply flawed characters I’ve enjoyed over the years are flawed due to their undying dedication, altruism, and unwavering commitment that the job or change they are trying to achieve is for the greater good. What is she trying to do? Keep her head above water? Does she even like the town she’s in? She can’t do her own laundry? I mean it’s not like she’s the only person with problems in their life. That is life. Deal with it, but not by selling drugs, absolutely ignoring what you should be doing, and passing off morals as “not selling to kids”.

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